May 1950

  May 1950

   In 1950 Wilhelm May published an extensive monograph (publication delayed from 1944) on his great success with fluoride therapy in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, and lamented the fact that many practioners would stop fluoride therapy after a short while, claiming “no success”...He wrote:

  • “It must be stressed again and again that  fluoride therapy requires great patience and that this patience will be rewarded in all cases... Weeks and perhaps months might have to be endured patiently until finally sure success will arrive.”

May W - “Die Basedowsche Krankheit - Jod und Fluor” Edition Cantor, Aulendorf (1950)
(Originally to be published in 1944, but due to paper shortage not published until 1950)

   May should know. Over 20 years May had treated 10,000 patients successfully from such hyperthyroidism with a variety of fluoride compounds, be it sodium fluoride ointments, tablets, Pardinon (3-fluorotyrosine - Bayer) or Capacin (fluoro-4-oxyphenylacetic acid - Knoll).

   He found that fluoride levels decreased the iodine levels in blood. The higher the iodine levels, the more fluoride had to be used.

   May spent much time on devising testing methods for his great success, proving the fluoride-iodine antagonism.