Cox 1960

A few words about Dr. Gerald Cox, ALCOA-sponsored pro-fluoridation crusader...

Police Removes Dr. Cox from Fluoridation Hearing

   Shaler Township, PA.: At a Shaler Township, PA hearing by the Public Safety Commission 6/8/60, G.J. Cox, Ph.D., chief proponent, continuously interrupted opponent speakers to the extent that the chairman was obliged to have him removed by the police officer in charge.

   Father Aloysius Staskowitz, speaking against fluoridation, pointed out that experts have made mistakes before. He referred to the experiment of adding iodine to drinking water (See. H.E.Jordan JAWWA, Vol.3 .p.1930, 1939) which was promptly abandoned upon learning it caused ill effects to some individuals.

   After Father Staskowitz had finished, Dr. Cox walked up to him, declaring:"This man has just demonstrated his ignorance." Commissioner K.F. Bell, chair of the meeting, cautioned Dr. Cox about his deportment.

   Dr. Cox repeatedly interrupted another opponent speaker while he was quoting from one of the former's articles published in the Journal of the ADA, Vol. 40, pgs.450-451, April, 1959. Dr. Cox had stated in the article that fluorides have long been known as poisons; "fluoride is one of the photoplasmic poisons"; in summer mottled enamel can be caused by fluoride at 1ppm.

   "To solve the esthetic problem for the victim of mottled enamel," Dr.Cox's article continued, "local treatrments are sometimes employed. However, porcelain facings, jacket crowns, or even dentures may be required."

   "A possible future danger of mottled enamel lies in over-enthusiasm to provide fluorides for the prevention of dental caries."  Mottled enamel, "the most delicate sign of chronic fluoride toxicity" occurs at 1ppm fluoride water.

   Enraged at hearing his own words read aloud, Dr.Cox failed to heed the chairman's warning. It was at this point that the police officer quietly removed Dr. Cox from the building.

SOURCE: Reprint, National Fluoridation News, Vol.VI, No.4 (1960)