Benagiano 1955

Benagiano A, Fiorentini S -"Richerche sperimentali e cliniche sui rapporrti tra fluore e tirodi" Annali di Stomatol 4:3-16(1955)

 "Fluorine can produce considerable functional and anatomic changes in the thyroid under the following conditions:

  1. its action must be prolonged for a period of time inversely proportional to the administered dose
  2. the further this dose is from the toxic level, the longer will it take for the anatomo-functional manifestations of the thyroid to appear.
  3. when the doses are minimal there is a variable period of latency before the setting up of the thyroid changes
  4. at an early period these changes manifest themselves by an increased function of the thyroid and an altered thyroid-hypophysial balance; later by a parenchymatous hypertrophy which leads to a hypofunction of the thyroid, and finally by a strumiform degeneration of the gland"