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   Fluoridated salt has been authorized in France since 1985. It was first introduced on the market in 1986, and by 1993 had a 60% market share.

   In France fluoridated salt is also allowed in school and company canteens. Approx. 8 million French consume their lunch in such canteens.

   Established mineral water brands such as Perrier are now being remarketed as “healthy versions”, now having fluoride (“Perrier with added fluoride”).

Background Papers

Fluoridated Salt: A Measure Of Public Health In France
Dr. Patrick Hescot, President of UFSBD (French Union for Oral Health) CEDROS Newsletter Year I ,N.1 (1992)

    “The superior council for public health requires the labeling to include two specific sentences. The first is: "Do not absorb if drinking water contains more than 0,5 milligrams of fluoride per liter". The second aims to emphasize the role of fluorine: "Fluoridated salt is favorable for the dental prevention".

Fabien V, Obry-Musset AM, Hedelin G, Cahen PM - “Caries prevalence and salt fluoridation among 9-year-old schoolchildren in Strasbourg, France”  Community Dent Oral Epidemiol 24:408-411 (1996)

Hescot P - “Fluoridated Salt: A Measure Of Public Health In FranceCEDROS Newsletter Year I ,N.1 (1992)