India Salt


   In India Himalaya Salt is marketed as “Saindhav”, which is the generic sanskrit name for black rock salt.

   In India, where over 66 million people are affected by fluoride poisoning, it has long been known that rock salt is high in fluoride. It contains approx. the same amount of fluoride as artificially fluoridated salt (250 ppm). The public is advised to NOT eat rock salt, and to refrain from consuming any snacks prepared with black or red rock salt as well as Ayurvedic preparations containing black rock salt (Fluorosis Research And Rural Development Foundation, 2002).

   However, this hasn’t deterred the company “Clarity Salt” to set up a distribution network for “Saindhav” which is expected to reach out to 350,000 retailers across the country (1). With the slogan “Now Salt is Good for You”, the company has set out on an aggressive marketing plan, and plans to introduce an entire line of salt-based products including bath salts and salt lamps. It also wants to enter the industrial salt market.

   The company is owned by the Gupta group, which incidentally also owns national and international mines (3).

   The company supports its claims by citing research of “Dr. Peter Ferreira” (2), “Prof. Manfred Kage of the University of Mannheim” (1) and Wilhelm Hoefer, “an eminent researcher with the Himalaya Institute of Biophysical Research, Las Vegas” (2).

   Peter Ferreira is not a doctor, he is the co-author of Water & Salt and originator of the Himalaya Salt scam.

   A search for Prof. Kage at the University of Mannheim brought no results.

   Apparently Prof. Kage is with the “Institute for Scientific Photography”. His name is most frequently raised in context of a UFO hoax involving “Ships of Light” and the story of Carlos Diaz, where he apparently confirmed the authenticity of footage taken.
(Numerous readers have noted that Diaz’s UFOs look like Himalaya Salt lamps...)

   The “Himalaya Institute of Biophysical Research, Las Vegas” does not exist.

   This “ghost” Institute first gained notoriety in regards to an “comprehensive analysis certificate” which was circulated in June 2001, attesting to the “purity” of the salt (4). There is another such ghost “Institute of Biophysical Research” in Teisendorf, Germany. Director of both is: Peter Ferreira.

   Wilhelm Hoefer is a veterinarian in Ueberlingen, Germany who also runs a laboratory and company called Hagelis AG, which uses the salt in its cosmetic line.

   The company claims to do a “crystal analysis” on waters and foods and uses the results to hand out “Seals of Quality” for mineral waters etc.  


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