Prozac News

Most recent news on Prozac, Paxil and related drugs:

June 23, 2005
Hepatitis & Paxil

May 18, 2005
Pregnancy warning on Anti-depressants

May 2, 2005
Prozac & Sexualtity

April 29, 2005
Another “Paxil Defense” Case

April 27, 2005
Lawyer Says Prozac To Blame for Triple Murder

April 26, 2005
Britain to clash with Europe over Prozac

April 17, 2005
Paxil & Hyponatremia

April 15, 2005
GSK Investors bring Paxil lawsuit

March 27, 2005
Recent Research: Prozac and G proteins

March 26, 2005
Family Wonders if Prozac Prompted School Shootings

March 5, 2005
FDA seizes Paxil CR

March 3, 2005
Black Box warning now in effect

February 4, 2005
Antidepressants Linked to Withdrawals in Newborns,
Study Says

January 26, 2005
GlaxoSmithKline: Deadly Depressing

January 16, 2005
A shadow of doubt

January 16, 2005
New Prozac Blues
Dutch study raises new concerns for some users

January 14, 2005
Prozac: A class action lawsuit is filed in Montreal

January 10, 2005
 Prozac risk for young brains

January 5, 2005
Lilly attacks BMJ's Prozac claims

January 4, 2005
Prozac and Paxil interfere with Tamoxifen

December 31, 2004
FDA to review "missing" drug company documents

December 30, 2004
Prozac Maker Knew of Problems in 1988

December 28, 2004
Painkiller causes death in dogs

December 16, 2004
Busting Big Pharma

December 9, 2004
Drug maker Witheld Paxil Study Data

December 8, 2004
Paxil and perinatal complications

December 6, 2004
UK GP’s get new anti-depressant rules

December 3 , 2004
Antidepressant Use By U.S. Adults Soars

November 28, 2004
Belgians turning into Prozac junkies

November 26, 2004
Drugs to fight depression may trigger bleeding

November 21, 2004
Trial finds that Prozac may stunt children's growth

November 16, 2004
Prozac inhibits metamorphosis

November 13, 2004
Prozac found in Canada’s drinking water

November 11, 2004
Prozac impairs bone growth

November 7, 2004
Secret plan to push “Happy Pills”

October 29, 2004
Prozac use 'risky for children'

Mums-To-Be Prozac Fear

October 25, 2004
"Prozac: Tool of Evil or Heaven in a Pill?"

October 15, 2004
FDA orders “Black Box” warning

September 29, 2004
“Sales reps told not to divulge Paxil data”

September 28, 2004
“FDA to Study Suicide Risks in Adults”

September 23, 2004
“FDA epidemiologist says agency pressured him on antidepressants” (Black Box warning coming...)

September 13, 2004
“Prozac also linked to child suicide risk”

September 7, 2004
“Hearing on Antidepressants - Sept.9”

September 6, 2004
“American parents sue GSK over Seroxat”

August 27, 2004
Consumer Watch: Suit Alleges Paxil Addiction

August 26, 2004
Glaxo Settles Suit Over Paxil Studies”

August 20, 2004
“Antidepressant Study Seen to Back Expert”
(New York Times)

August 10, 2004
“Pregnant women warned about anti-depressants”
Canadian Press

August 8, 2004
“Prozac seeping into water supplies”
The Scotsman

August 1, 2004
Paxil Suicide Stunner
(New York Post)

July 7, 2004
“Claims hit use of anti-depressants”
Financial Times

June 11, 2004
“FDA Warns Glaxo Over Paxil”
Dow Jones Newswires

June 2, 2004
New York Sues Maker of
Antidepressant Drug Paxil

April 16, 2004
FDA was urged to limit kids' antidepressants
Advice citing risk of suicide rejected

(San Francisco Chronicle)

October 31, 2003
"Scientists find that Prozac inhibits metamorphosis in tadpoles" (Associated Press)

 June 19th, 2003:
FDA to review reports of a possible increased risk of suicidal thinking and suicide attempts in children and adolescents under the age of 18 treated with Paxil. Reports of studies showing that Paxil is no more effective than placebo in children.

June 10, 2003:
UK Department of Health recommends that Paxil (Seroxat in Europe) should not be used in children under the age of 18 due to safety concerns of increased self-harm in children taking that medication