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The 2006 NRC Review - More on dental fluorosis
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    The possibility that either dental fluorosis (Chapter 4) or the delayed tooth eruption noted with high fluoride intake (Chapter 4; see also Short 1944) may be attributable at least in part to an effect of fluoride on thyroid function has not been studied. (NRC 2006, page 236)


   This has been studied since the early 1900s.

   The NRC Review itself cites research that has shown clear evidence that fluoride and thyroid hormones have "mutually interacting effects" €ťon dental fluorosis (i.e Zhao et al, 1998).

   Already in 1940 Floyd De Eds from the US Department of Agriculture at Stanford University showed that TSH was able to produce dental fluorosis in rats (De Eds et al., 1940).

   In another rat experiment De Eds and Wilson (1940) described the synergistic action of fluoride and thyroid upon dental fluorosis as "strikingly clearcut".

See also comment: Delayed Eruption


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