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How the NRC invented a new G protein - Gp
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    Throughout the 2006 NRC Review there are sections dealing with
G proteins.

    While all of it “sounds” scientific,  the issue is actually so poorly understood that at times one can only shake one‘s head in disbelief - how can the “highest scientific authority in the US” publish such gibberish?

Consider this example:

Under the Section: Neurotoxicity and Neurobehavioral Effects


    Using slices of rat neocortex, Jope (1988) found that NaF stimulated the hydrolysis of phosphoinositide by activation of a G protein, Gp. This protein acts as transducer between receptors and phospholipase C. (NRC Review, Page 219)


    It appears that many of fluoride's effects, and those of the aluminofluoride complexes are mediated by activation of Gp, a protein of the G protein family. (NRC Review, page 222)


There is no such G protein called "Gp".

The G protein(s) the NRC should be discussing are called Gq/11.

It is Gq/11 which activate phospholipase C and which are responsible for the modulation of phosphoinositide hydrolysis as reported by Jope et al. (1994; 1997), as well as many others.

Gq/11 have been established to be the transducing G proteins for all Ca(2+)-mobilizing receptors (i.e. Exton, 1993).


    More research is needed to clarify fluroide's biochemical effects on the brain.


There are hundreds, if not thousands on studies, showing the effects of fluoride and clarifying the biochemical effects not only on the brain, but also on bone,  dental fluorosis, etc.., most of them implicating Gq/11 - which are NOT pertussin-sensitive G proteins.

What is needed is NOT more research, but a scientific panel that actually  understands the matter which it has been asked to review.

For more info, please see:

Gq/11 (PFPC password required)


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